Thursday, April 15, 2010


Omg , Today 16/04/10,
was a lifeless day hardout !

Jefreey and i decided to stop baking for a day SHOCKING ISNT IT ? :O
Oh well we have to get use to that especially when school starts T______T whyy now , why on the best school holidayy ever! xDD looolz

Anyway i think our parents had enough of eating what we bake since we dont eat it anyway , expect for sugar cookies though , we ate it all ^ ^

heh heh heh

oh well , we can hardly find anything else to do other than baking , coz its the funnest thing to do ? xDD yahh i guess.

OMG i hope we get to go help out at the bakery tomorrow :D probably not .xD

Arghhh right now just writng in our book , [our little cooking diary ] xD

This is what we did when we were lifeless all day, no baking ):

Vanilla Cake !!

Thursday 15th April 2010,

Eeee (: So we made the vanilla cakee!! ^ ^
The vanilla cake was suppose to actually be cupcakes, but hehe owell (: we wanted to make a cake. Go us! LOL.
Well then we ran out of butter so we decided to use margarine :/ Guess it was going good anyway (:
We ALMOST burnt the cake, "so glad it turned out perfect" says Chrissy. HAHAAAA
We didnt know how long to bake it, soo yeah was kinda hard to bake it, it took 45mins. The original time was 18mins LOL.
We didnt have lemon for the zest. lool so the cake tasted a LITTLE bit eggy loool but it was still sweet, (GOOD) HAHA (:

So we made the icing, it turned out quite well, LOL PINKK (: hehe we were also deciding on a mint green colour. Buttttt Chrissy thought i meant those really dark green yucky colours ):
We took the pink anyway (:

Chrissy thought we only had Green and Red. NO OTHER COLOURS at all (:
Well we did but thought we couldnt make any other colours out of it. lol
but we finally realized that pink would've been a better colour lol , YAY kinda a blonde moment :/ - Chrissy's Blonde Moment (What did you learn in art class Chrissy?!)

The icing part of the cake part was the HARDEST , it was cause the icing was kind of, not firm XD LOL.
But yeah i guess we worked through that and it came out better than what we expected? Lol ^ ^

Thanxx, NV [:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Todaayy , We are baking Vanilla Cake

Todayy Thursday 15th of April,
we were lifeless all day trying to find something to bake .

Then we Found Something, Jefreey And myself [ Chrissy] Are making a vanilla cake.
Jefreey is mixing the butter and now while im typing . I better go and help her soon .

Cant wait ^ ^

Cyahh xD


Lool . Today Wednesday 14/04/10 . . . we ' tried' making caramel slice, and sugar cookies . and now chocolate slice.

We had to go to Countdown to buy more ingredients because i forgot to bring some of mine. We had to ask jefreey's bro's mate to drop us off and pick us up from Countdown , It was Random . They were playing Loud Music on the bass in the car.

We "tried" to make caramel slice. When it wasnt baked yet it tasted really nice , well thats what jefreey said xD When we put the slice in the oven to cook , we were looking forward to see how to turned out xD Once we took it out . We Were SHOCKED ! It didnt turn out so well . :( , no need to describe it because it'll sound yuck . D: It was a waste too since we just made the dark bittersweet chocolate topping . [it was really bitter ]

We were depressed HxC . Lool , But we got over it , and moved on to baking Sugar Cookies ^ ^ It was Fun , While Waiting for the dough to go firm , in that time we also made chocolate slice [ hopefully it'll turn out right ] ... AND IT DID :D , Yay ! .

Uhmm . For the sugar cookies , once we took it out of the fridge we started using cookie cutters to shape out the dough ,
When we just put it in the oven i had to leave to get ready for a dinner party so Jefreey did the rest of the baking, DANG it looked good when i saw it . :P And it was yum .

We had some compliments especially from the boys xD They ate alot of our sugar cookies we baked :D mission completion ! Best Cookie we ever made :) ...... so far ..

heheheheh so far so good :P


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Acknowledgements And Arrrgghhhhh

Acknowledgements to Joshua and bella cupcakes for being our 3rd and 4th followers xDDD

Awesomeeness people

and Arrgghhhhh,... we dont have cream for the chocolate toppingg D;

Yayyy !

"YAY Jefreey ! were going to new world soon ! "
Ingredients we need to buy to make caramel slice and sugar cookies and etc xD
- Condensed milk
- Afgans Biscuits
- Butter .
- annd yahh . xD

Finally . . . we are definitely going to make caramel slice and sugar cookies tomorrow , DEFINITELY! >:D

heh heh heh . . .

Acknowledgments to ....

- Sukim and Shelly to be our first 2 followers ^ ^


Monday, April 12, 2010

No Caramel Sliceee :(

" Nooo .... Wheres the caramel slice , jefreey ? D: "
" uhmmm ... ? uhmmm ... >.< " said jefreey

So sad, yesterday we forgot to make caramel slices so we decided to make it today ,
But the thing is that i dont have Condensed milk and Bikkies at my home D:

Jefreey and i were looking forward to it LOL
oh well . i guess we have to buy some ingredients tomorrow xD .. hopefully .....