Thursday, April 15, 2010


Omg , Today 16/04/10,
was a lifeless day hardout !

Jefreey and i decided to stop baking for a day SHOCKING ISNT IT ? :O
Oh well we have to get use to that especially when school starts T______T whyy now , why on the best school holidayy ever! xDD looolz

Anyway i think our parents had enough of eating what we bake since we dont eat it anyway , expect for sugar cookies though , we ate it all ^ ^

heh heh heh

oh well , we can hardly find anything else to do other than baking , coz its the funnest thing to do ? xDD yahh i guess.

OMG i hope we get to go help out at the bakery tomorrow :D probably not .xD

Arghhh right now just writng in our book , [our little cooking diary ] xD

This is what we did when we were lifeless all day, no baking ):

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  1. Hey Vivian, nice seeing you, I missed your pretty face. :)
    Good for you, cooking is great and you seem to have a lot of talent.
    How about origami? Have you made any since I left?
    I still have that bag you made me, I keep my make-up stuff in it. And I still have those two plastic things you knitted attached to it. :)
    Thanks for everything again, and lots of hugs!